How Can I Build A Profitable Business Fast With So Little Time? (Part 1)

Do you know what you’re getting into…

…when it comes to creating and running a business online? Really?

It’s a slippery slope that starts with a head full of hope… the idea of working when and where you want…ah the freedom!

But which often ends with home business insanity…


Then Reality Dawns…

A year, or even a few months after working well into the night if you have a day job or 15-hour days with no money coming in, you finally realise:

An online business is a time-intensive and costly nightmare where you’ll quickly find yourself spinning your wheels, frustrated, having spent an insane amount of time and more money than you’ve earned (if you’re earned anything at all)…

…and after months and months of struggle, you finally realise that you have very little to show for it. Perhaps some half-decent content such as a series of articles or videos, a cute-looking website, traces of a poorly thought-out advertising campaign?

But no reliable income coming in on a monthly basis. Like clockwork. Nothing life-changing.


…You get lucky and get something simple working (very very rare when you first start) or you’re blessed with the cunning and resources to pay others to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Only by outsourcing tasks and leveraging other people’s time can you hope to be able to get enough done in the shortest time to keep your motivation high and create a profitable business fast!

Only then will you be able to focus on the most important things to drive your business forward in a way that feeds you and doesn’t bleed you.

But how are you going to pay for other people’s services and if you can, how do you know it’s not going to be a big waste of money if you get it wrong?

The Dilemma We All Face…

Isn’t this the dilemma that faces anyone trying to break free of their job? They have little free time and limited resources to pay someone else to do the work for them…

And yet would a car mechanic also be responsible for booking appointments, receiving and billing customers?
Have you ever seen a chef run out to wait & clear tables, and collect payment for a meal?
Yet this is the trap that home-business owners quickly fall into when trying to ‘wear all hats’ and do everything.

Is it any wonder that they quickly lose interest and give up on their hopes and dreams of a life of freedom?

So what’s the solution?

One of the smartest things new online business builders can do to build smarter is to leverage other people’s time and also expertise by investing in programs that are already proven to work.

This, friends, is how I got my big break. As you’ll see if you’ve read my story on the Welcome page in the menu above is I was in the same situation so many others are in:

I was a busy family guy with limited resources. Not only did I have problems with a poor Internet connection so everything took forever, I also struggled to earn an income fast enough while I was still mastering marketing. I got a lot of things wrong and it was expensive…

Fortunately I realised that creating a profitable business fast was very very hard. By the time I’d created marketing pages, I found that spending money on traffic was hard to pull the trigger on, and in most cases I only broke even, at best.

That’s why when you spend your hard-earned money on traffic and tools, you better make sure that you send the traffic to pages that are already proven to convert visitors to customers…

Leverage A Proven Path to Profits…

And that’s also why, if I were starting over, and even now 4 years into earning a full-time income online, I still believe in leveraging other people’s time & expertise (and the money they’ve spent testing their marketing pages) by sending my paid traffic to marketing systems or a ‘business in a box.’

Like I said, this is also how I got my first big break in online business in 2012!

Have a close look at some screenshots I took at the time:
On the leaderboard among thousands of affiliates:

The next screenshot below shows you sales coming in consistently, but what this doesn’t show is three $1000 commissions that came in within the next 28 days after 3 members upgraded to the high ticket “Elite” package!

This campaign cost me just under $900 in advertising & brought in $3853 within 6 weeks total… and there were ongoing monthly membership fees that I received on top of that..

At the time, it was the most money I’d brought in and even I was shocked at how quickly it came in!

Struggling Home Alone?

Remember I told you it took me a long couple of years to actually have a breakthrough? It was a long & lonely struggle and I don’t want that for you.
After making countless tweaks to a marketing page late at night after the family has already gone to bed, you soon understand that Internet marketing can be a lonely business.

Sadly, the struggles you often have are enough to stifle the passion you have to the point where you even wonder why you started in the first place.

So having a coach or someone you can ask questions is honestly essential if you want to avoid wasting time struggling.

If you’re blessed with the resources, invest in yourself by making sure you get a coach.

But who can afford a coach at the beginning?
Not many … but what if you could use a marketing system, with very little upfront investment, which allowed you to earn while you learn AND which included a FREE coach you could consult on a daily basis?

And by ‘very little’ I really mean peanuts.

Want a Free Coach?

Sounds crazy, right? I didn’t think such a thing was out there either. But more recently this is what I’ve found. And I can promise you it’s even better in almost every respect than the marketing platform I was able to use to earn close to $4000 in the space of a few weeks, and more in the months following.

It’s run by someone who is in it for the long haul, has real integrity & honesty in the way he treats his customers & affiliates.

Ever had the feeling you can’t get behind something because it’s a little salesy and the marketing pages are tacky? Many times, right?

Well, let me tell you, when you see the level of professionalism at work here and the value of the products you’ll be allowed to promote if you qualify, you may be pleasantly surprised.

I can share this system with you now and I’ll even share tips on what I’m doing to promote it and attract my ideal customers. I’d like to help you out as a courtesy for trusting me with your email address and hope you’ll share your success stories with me in the future. That would be a true win-win.

So here you are.

See for yourself. It’s free to subscribe and by clicking the image below, not only will you have a sneak peek at the system I’m now using to make consistent commissions, you’ll also receive all the answers to the biggest problems new home business owners face.

Trust me, after 14+ years now, I’ve seen it all and I can help!

Never quit on yourself or your dreams. Ever.

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