Who is Rich? My family and I got crushed by the crash of 2008 but I never quit.

I’m on a mission to help you create an amazing life of freedom by building a better business online by building smarter!

It’s 10:26 am on Friday, March 3rd, 2017 and I’m in a cafe in town with a cup of mocha, surrounded mostly by the only people who are free enough at this time of day & week to do this, namely, retirees.

I’m feeling healthy, strong and have a calm focus.

Above all, I’m happy because I’m doing what I love to do, following my passion, helping others and even making money in the process.
Look where I am 🙂

Rich working in cafe with retirees

Ok, so it’s clearly not Las Vegas (although I’ve been there a couple of times), but I’m free. Free to create my own schedule and work when and where I like!

But just a few years ago now, things were very different. I had major health issues created by stress, was frustrated and, above all, my confidence to pull myself and my family out of our recent financial tumble had been shattered.

Brief Intro

For those of you who don’t know me I’ll give you a quick intro:
My name is Rich and I’m originally from England, but I’ve spent the last couple of years spread between a few countries with rather better weather: Spain, Singapore and most recently China (in fact, I just got back 6 weeks ago).

So why the travel? Well, clearly, one of the advantages of having an online business is that you can live where you like as you work.


How Buildabbo.com was born…

I originally got started online while in a tough spot financially (more further below) by creating a couple of small niche websites, but struggled for 2 years with poor Internet while living in a tiny rural paradise by the sea before finally hitting a marketing home run. It was then that I finally came across a marketing platform that allowed you to earn while you learned. Even passively, regardless of any Internet headaches!

That created a few thousand dollars in profits within a couple of weeks. Even optimistic me was surprised! And though I had to walk away from that business 9 months later when the founders of the system took it in a new direction that I couldn’t get behind, I was hooked…

The idea of only having to drive traffic to a couple of cleverly constructed, yet simple, marketing pages to generate an autopilot income from legitimate and problem-solving products fascinated me!

Now after 4+ years of earning an income online, I’ve created Build A Better Business Online (now Buildabbo.com) with the idea of teaching something I actually love doing to people who will use what I teach to improve their lives (I hope you’ll implement what I share with you, ok?) ! I’m now in the position to save you a lot of time, money and frustration so you can do this in months, even weeks, not years 🙂

But I’ve never forgotten what my family and I had to live through before I discovered online marketing and made it work…

… and it continues to motivate me each and every day!

You see, years before, I’d had what I thought was a rock-solid $10k+ per month income as a translator…

However, when the crash of ’08/09 took place, it took my income and our cosy family life with it. Stranded as we were in our rural paradise at the time, I was 100 miles away from the nearest medium-sized city and any potential job.

Like many families, my wife and I had a couple of children to think about too, with an unborn son on the way. Having my income shut off and feeling powerless to improve our situation was a really, really low point in my life.

I had to earn an income and fast, and after coming up short in my local area job hunt, I keyed “How to make money online” or something similar into Google. Perhaps you can relate?


I Struggled for 2+ years and we lost it all before finally making it work…


Like I said, I struggled… a lot…with terrible Internet (400 kb/s according to speedtest) which meant that everything I did online seemed to take forever, and I made countless mistakes and barked up the wrong tree many times…

After all, what did I know about website creation and what would and wouldn’t work?

Sadly, by the time I finally got something working really well with the ‘business in a box’ marketing platform I mentioned above, it was already too late for us as a family. We lost our house, car, everything… I had already sent my wife and children to live with my parents in the UK, leaving me to ship our belongings back to my parents’ home over the coming months… in my early forties too!

But in my desperation & determination to succeed after the family had already left for the UK, I got a simple little marketing campaign working that brought in a few thousand in a couple of weeks, and as they say, the rest is history.

So it was then that I happily found that creating a simple online business that serves a specific audience is a much smarter way to market & build a great income without having to wait for months and months for results.

How I Can Help You

I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned and continue to learn on my journey with you:

  • Marketing hacks that will work for you, whether you’re new or experienced in online marketing..
  • Real ways to build extra income streams online that take only days, even hours, to set up.
  • How you can start a highly profitable portable business, even on a budget!
  • Reviews of only the best online tools that are so detailed, they will save you money in deciding whether they’re right for YOU
  • Case studies & success stories of people just like you who have decided to create a life on their own terms, doing what they love to do with the people they love!
  • …and much more with your input 🙂

Welcome to Buildabbo.com!

I’m honoured you’re here. I read every comment and I’m grateful to share my story with you today and look forward to hearing YOURS!

Chase your dreams. Never quit.

Think, know, and live better


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